Blood & Thunder celebrates NAIDOC week with Art + Soul Series 2


Blood & Thunder has been working hard in the lead up to NAIDOC week on the website and promotional materials for Art + Soul Series 2. A three-part television documentary series written and presented by Hetti Perkins revealing the heritage, politics and imagination in contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art.

Screening on ABC1:
Pride + Prejudice: Tuesday 8 July, 8.30pm
Beauty + Cruelty: Tuesday 15 July, 8.30pm
Love + Longing: Tuesday 22 July, 8.30pm

Project components: promotional design, web design, user experience, responsive web development.

Photo: Tjanpi Weavers, Art + Soul Series 2 episode 3.

A Night of Blood & Thunder at the MCA


The MCA is shining its spotlight on Blood & Thunder later this month with ‘A Night of Blood & Thunder’. This special event is part of the gallery’s series exploring the world of contemporary art and design, and will feature artist talks and performative readings from the Blood & Thunder Anthology #1 and #2. Featuring contributors and artists such as Lachlan Conn, Trevor Dickinson, Pat Grant, Ben Juers and Bailey Sharp, as well as anthology editor Leigh Rigozzi, this is a chance to hear from some of the finest comic illustration talent we have to offer.

24 October 2013, 7:00-8:00pm

Creative Studios National Centre for Creative Learning, Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, 140 George St. The Rocks.


Image courtesy of and © the artist Lachlan Conn

See the MCA event page here.

Blood & Thunder talks at the Opera House alongside Françoise Mouly (RAW / New Yorker), Nobrow, Len Wein (Marvel, DC, Top Cow, and Disney Comics)

An in-depth discussion on the art, history and future of publishing and editing, GRAPHIC presents some of the most influential artists who have shaped the graphic and comic world as we know it.

Bringing together Britain’s most forward thinking indie collective, the Art Editor of The New Yorker, a previous Editor-In-Chief of Marvel, DC, Top Cow and Disney Comics plus the curator-publisher of a maverick Australian publishing concern, GRAPHIC presents DIY champions Luke Pearson and Sam Arthur of Nobrow, Françoise Mouly, Len Wein and Blood & Thunders’ Leigh Rigozzi. This in-depth discussion with some of the most exciting voices in graphic art delves into the arts of publishing and editing, curatorial leadership and new printmaking techniques in the ‘dying days of print’.

Françoise Mouly; art editor for The New Yorker, co-founder of the seminal alt-comix anthology, RAW, creator of Little Lit and Editorial Director of TOON Books, these are a brief sample of Mouly’s astonishing career in graphic storytelling. A groundbreaker since operating a printing press in her New York City loft, Mouly has published an international array of the world’s top artists and cartoonists: Jacques Tardi, Jean-Jacques Sempé, Charles Burns, Chris Ware, Sue Coe, R. Crumb, Saul Steinberg or David Hockney, as well as her husband – Art Spiegelman. Mouly has overseen nearly a thousand issues of the iconic New Yorker, from the black-on-black response to September 11 and the terrorist fist-bump to the first cover drawn on the iphone. This year, three of her TOON Books are finalists for the Eisner Award.

Sharing Mouly’s lifelong search for quality design and creative content, Nobrow have flourished under the simple premise that everything must ‘deserve to be printed’. Utilising a breadth of techniques including spot-colour, screen and hand-printing, the collective’s vibrant and lucid artwork can be seen across three different imprints, in their very own London-based bookstore and a new France-based HQ.

Len Wein, comic industry legend and veteran has been Editor-In-Chief at Marvel, DC, Top Cow, and Disney Comics. He has co-created legendary characters such as Wolverine and Swamp Thing and edited hundreds of comics including Watchmen – put simply, pop culture wouldn’t be the same without the touch of Len Wein…

Blood & Thunder is a design company as well as comics anthology. The Blood & Thunder Anthology #2 showcases some of the best comic illustration that Australia and New Zealand have to offer. Edited by artist and illustrator Leigh Rigozzi, a stalwart devotee and enabler of Australia’s innovative comics scene.

Saturday, October 5 2013, 11:30am

Sydney Opera House
Bennelong Point, Sydney, Australia 2000

General: $30

See the Graphic Festival event page here.

Image courtesy and © Graphic Festival, Sydney Opera House

Video 4A A4

Take a look at the promotional video Blood & Thunder made for the 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art in Sydney. The video invites artists from around the world to participate in 4A A4, the gallery’s largest show this year, by submitting an A4 artwork. This project brought together our extensive web design experience with newer capabilities in video production to create something playful and engaging. We’re really proud of the result.

Shortlisted for Venice Architecture Biennale

We’ve been working on a submission to the 14th International Architecture Exhibition (2014 Venice Architecture Biennale), with Helen Lochhead (government architect), John Choi (CHROFI), Zanny Begg (Gallery Director, Tin Sheds) and Chris Fox (artist), under the name Flatpack Pavillion.

Flatpack Pavillion was shortlisted by Architecture Australia in June and development on the submission continues.

Our proposal takes the good looks and muscular spirit that defined modernist architecture and downsizes them for an age of ecological uncertainty. Prefabricated offsite before being shipped in and assembled in situ, the Flatpack Pavillion is less a temporary structure than a nomadic venue that can be assembled, disassembled and reassembled as the need arises.

The Flatpack team has taken the Biennale theme, Fundamentals, as an invitation to return to the optimism that inspired an earlier generation of architects, dreaming of building a better world, while challenging the current generation to test its aspirations against the rigours of social and ecological necessity.

“Each building has to be beautiful, cheap and fast, but it lasts forever,” says Biennale director Rem Koolhaas. “That is already an incredible battery of seemingly contradictory demands … but I operate in very contradictory times”.

We’re currently producing a film that revisits the formalist experimentation that took place in Australia and abroad to consider the legacies of the modernist movement on our built environment.

Modular People Recommends: Blood & Thunder Anthology #2


The Modular People Recommends this week comes from a couple old friends – Mitch Beige-Brown and Sarah Grieve, of Gang Atelier.

“What’s beautiful about Blood & Thunder Anthology #2 isn’t just the community of artists celebrated through its pages, but the greater community who were willing to see it was made. Crowdfunded through the website Pozible, you immediately feel the spirit behind this hi-production value, highly collectable publication. Thick, soft uncoated paper covers the book, featuring stunning letterpressed artwork by Lachlan Conn. And this guy’s 18 pages inside are spectacular: a primeval sweetheart stumbles across a well-endowed bather, knocks him dead with a stone and feasts on his organs, only to shit them out in the finale? Why not.”

Read the article on the Modular People site here.